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Saturday, November 16

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Session 1 Various locations If We Build It, Discs Will Fly Mini A & B - Near CafeteriaBill Suker • Dave Archer • Matthew Quade • Ryan McKelvie El Patojismo **This session will be in Spanish** G300 Meeting Students Where They Are: Wellness, Relationships, and Recognizing our Sense of Place G307Stuart Slay • JiHo Lee Starting a Parenting Skills Program: Easier Than You Think, Smarter Than You Know G400Andy Mennick The Transformational Power of Connection G407Karla Vanessa Cienfuegos • Dong Earn Cha (Danny) Mindful Academics M306Rose Tyvand Movement and Drama Activities for Collaborative Learning Class MB206Seura Park Intro to AP Research and How to Become an Expert Adviser G308Michael Silber Making Awesome Three-Dimensional Assessments using the NGSS Framework!! H104Jeff Vogt Space Speaks: Creating Responsive Learning Environments for All Ages M401Brian Wiemann Using Rubrics for Self-Assessment M407Scott Muller So what exactly is inquiry based teaching? M402Piotr Kocyk Worldview: Foundation for Critical Thinking and Global Competencies M308Heather Adkins Mindfulness in Schools: Promoting Peace, Kindness, and Focus in Your Classroom G406Benjamin Harnish Graphic Novel Petting Zoo M406Andrea Boltz Job-Alike: Nurses Nurse's Office - Near CafeteriaJae Eun Lah Job-Alike: Standards-Based Reporting for Ensembles MB107Mike Shirk • Nate Bisco Building and Measuring Confidence in the World Language Classroom G408Vanessa Gomez • Elizabeth Williams Aspiring Administrators: Taking the Next Step Toward Leadership M404Matthew Johnson Consumer to Prosumer: Improving Digital Citizenship in Upper Elementary Students H200Brogan Pratt Lucy Calkins, Common Core, and Mathematics walk into a bar. M304Leann Norton • Tomás Wallenberg Reality Check: AR/VR Playdate E1KoLabMJ Han • Nikki Vreugdenhil • Robert Zook • Jeremy Jacobsen How to survive a job fair M405Jim Gerhard Korea, the Hermit Kingdom: The legacy of 19th century myth-making and redressing misconceptions of Korean culture M302Leighanne Yuh Lets Go On A Hike MS LobbyKatie Morton-Shepherd

11:00am KST

12:15pm KST

Session 2 Various locations Effective Criteria Based Digital Feedback for PE Students H506Ryan McKelvie • Richard Lunardo Power of Debate M408Dan Lovell Salsa Time! Get your groove on with Lindsey and Robert Multi Purpose Room - E BuildingLindsey Cayer • Robert Mijares Gender, Identity, and Semantics: Growing the Inclusive Classroom G306Colin West The Learning Arrow: a visual student self-assessment tool G303Haley Pratt THINKING OUTSIDE THE THEMES: Applying Concepts in Transdisciplinary Units G300Joshua Durey • Jennifer Geronimo Let Your Inner Creativity Influence Your Lesson Plans G307Stephanie Abel The history behind the math that we teach M403Vivian Robert Breaking down the Walls: Interdisciplinary units between Social Studies and English that Work M402John Wellner The AXEXES Paragraph Format: Creating and Supporting Arguments in Writing M306Meghan Leland • Megan Boyle Putting Your Heart and Soul into Your Classroom Mini A & B - Near CafeteriaLisa Kim • Lindsay Gemmill Equity and Inclusion: Starting Conversations and Building a Continuum M406Nathan Kellar Character Strengths in Action HB103Heather Carreiro Want to be Insta Famous? M407Rose Yeo • Michael Coleman Beyond the Reading Assessment M404Susie Scanlan • Ana Allen Job-Alike: Admissions Officers G400Soleiman Dias The Power of Talk: Academic Conversations to Improve Content Area Comprehension M405Eric Rosenthal Growing our profession: a teacher intern program enhances our profession M302Werner Paetzold Agents of Change: Empowering Student Leaders M305Sarah Martin ClassDojo: Without the "Behavior" Points M308Christine C DemISTEfying the ISTE Standards M401Jessica Hale Modeling with Shell Equations G308Maxwell Fazio STEM and NGSS standards M303Pedro Toledo Power tools with Children: How to Safely facilitate students making and designing with tools. M201Michael Bycraft Make Your Content M.E.A.N. - Meaningful, Engaging, Adaptive, NOW! M304Anthony Loveday The Power of Pottery in the Secondary Art Classroom H303Spencer Selbo SheFighter Lower GymLina Khalifeh

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Session 3 Various locations Empowering Students to Lead: Sports Council M402Paul Rader El Patojismo **This session will be in English** G300 Systems of support without the red tape M403Scott Trinh • Helen Lai • Nathan Kellar • Lucie Cunningham • Chelsea Horsburgh • Frances Giron Take a S.E.A.T - Functions of Behavior & Tracking Interventions M408Rachel Arnold How AP and the SAT Suite Work Together for College Readiness M404Haike Zhao Inquiring Minds Want To Know! Is there a better way to teach math? G303Michele Lajoie • Chris Knapp Growing Your School Community: How Keeping a School Garden Can Enhance Your School Curriculum While Encouraging Community M305Russel Shaw Supporting English Learners in Literacy Workshop G306Molly Wellner The Importance of Play and Creativity in Everyday Life E209Marsha Bycraft Classroom Energizers M308Linda Kim Inquire into Inquiry M405Brittany Smith Empowering Students through Agile Learning HB103Heather Carreiro Keep A Writing Practice M406Sarah Marslender Job-Alike: Librarians Secondary LibraryAndrea Boltz Job-Alike: World Language Teachers M304Jenny Selbo I Say Rice, You Say 밥 (Bap); The How and the What Behind Second Language Acquisition M401Mirela Matesan Keys to Co-teaching: Unlocking the Code G308Susan Guderyon • Lindsay Kuhl Learning language through play M306Ava Zang Math Trails: Real-World Math M302Stephanie Cory • Clayton Boren Stories, Animations, and Games with Scratch Game Creator H200Brogan Pratt What Are They Thinking?! Using Formative Assessments to Drive Instruction and Improve Student Understanding. M303John Mizell Power of Korean: Connecting with the Host Country G307 Why is Hello Kitty’s Head So Big? Intro to Korean Culture & Cultural Sensitivity Mini A & B - Near CafeteriaHye Yong MIN Unlocking the power of the GIF M407Jay Sims SheFighter Lower GymLina Khalifeh Zumba Multi Purpose Room - E BuildingVanessa Gomez

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