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Language Acquisition [clear filter]
Saturday, November 16

9:45am KST

Movement and Drama Activities for Collaborative Learning Class

Collaboration is a precursor for inquiry-based, student-driven, transdisciplinary learning. In order to build a collaborative atmosphere children need multiple learning engagements through which they see one another, recognize differences and similarities through multiple media. Kinesthetic group activities are a great tool to bond a class together. Participants will explore; Drama games and activities for building collegiality and Literacy; movement activity for Trust and Caring; Participants will also have a taste of a simple circle dance originated from Korea whose core is for community building.

Session Objectives:

To share some learning engagements that can help build collaborative learning community.

avatar for Seura Park

Seura Park

Early Years, Elementary
Chadwick International: Early Years Specialist ( PK-K Music, movement and Drama/ Grade 1-2 Drama)IB Workshop Leader and School Visit Team MemberFormer ESOL teacher15 Years of PYP experience

Saturday November 16, 2019 9:45am - 10:45am KST

9:45am KST

Building and Measuring Confidence in the World Language Classroom

Confidence is an essential aspect of the World Language learning experience as students build their speaking skills. Students with stronger confidence tend to demonstrate a willingness to speak in the target language without worry or overthinking. In this session, we will discuss ideas to increase students’ confidence through comfort, rapport and shared respect in the classroom environment as well as ways to measure confidence. Although this session will focus specifically on ideas for the World Language classroom, all content areas are welcome!

Session Objectives:

Reflect on the importance of student confidence.
Discuss ideas and strategies for building and measuring confidence.

avatar for Vanessa Gomez

Vanessa Gomez

High School
Vanessa Gómez, a native of Bogotá, Colombia, is a lover of languages, and a proud Latina. Ten years ago, she began the privilege of teaching her language and culture as a full time Spanish teacher. She loves the creative challenge of introducing her students to a new culture, new... Read More →
avatar for Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams

High School
Elizabeth Williams is currently a high school Spanish teacher at Korea International School. While she has spent the majority of her career teaching high school Spanish outside of Washington, D.C., she has also taught middle school Spanish in Virginia and bilingual kindergarten in... Read More →

Saturday November 16, 2019 9:45am - 10:45am KST

12:15pm KST

The Power of Talk: Academic Conversations to Improve Content Area Comprehension

The power of conversation in the classroom cannot be overstated. When students discuss their understanding of a new idea or a text, an opportunity is created for deeper comprehension. Yet engaging in an academic conversation is a skill in its own right that needs support and development. This is particularly true for classrooms populated with English learners. How do we, as teachers, capitalize on this opportunity? In this workshop we will look at ways that teachers can facilitate academic conversations in their classrooms across content areas. Teachers will gain ways to explicitly teach conversation skills and guide students towards independence in their academic interactions with one another. These conversations serve the dual purpose of strengthening both student comprehension and oral communication skills. If we can harness the potential of conversation in our classrooms, we can improve the quality of our student’s learning.

Session Objectives:

Reflect on the importance and utility of academic conversations in the classroom.
Learn ways to explicitly teach conversation skills.
Explore ways to embed and scaffold academic conversations into content classes to support learner’s content comprehension and oral communication skills.

avatar for Eric Rosenthal

Eric Rosenthal

Eric Rosenthal has had the privilege to work with English Learners since 2009. He has taught in China, Vietnam, and South Korea. He holds a master's degree in Education from The College of New Jersey, and a bachelor's degree in English, Literature, and Rhetoric from Binghamton University... Read More →

Saturday November 16, 2019 12:15pm - 1:15pm KST

1:45pm KST

Supporting English Learners in Literacy Workshop

During this session, we will explore ways to support English language acquisition in a literacy workshop. We will engage in collaborative conversations around how to provide equitable access to literacy content for all levels of English proficiency by using an asset-based approach. The session will focus on adapting literacy mini-lessons as well as provide ideas for independent and small group work time.

Session Objectives:

Explore effective ways to support English Learners during literacy workshop.
Engage in collaborative conversations around supports for English Learners using WIDA’s asset-based approach.

avatar for Molly Wellner

Molly Wellner

Molly Wellner has been an educator for 15 years in the USA and Peru; and now is currently teaching in South Korea at KIS-Pangyo Campus. She has a Master's degree in English as a Second Language (MAESL) and has used this knowledge and her experiences as a classroom teacher, ESOL teacher... Read More →

Saturday November 16, 2019 1:45pm - 2:45pm KST

1:45pm KST

I Say Rice, You Say 밥 (Bap); The How and the What Behind Second Language Acquisition

This is a crash course on second language acquisition. Participants will gain a better understanding about the way we as humans learn other languages. In this session, participants will engage in interactive activities that they can use with their students. Play Kahoot at the end of the session and win a prize!

Session Objectives:

Gain an understanding on how second language acquisition works
Have fun!

avatar for Mirela Matesan

Mirela Matesan

Elementary, Chadwick International
Mirela Matesan is the elementary division ESOL lead at Chadwick International. Before coming to South Korea, she taught English as a Foreign Language in Romania, her native country, and English as a Second Language in Charlotte, North Carolina. She earned her MA in Teaching English... Read More →

Saturday November 16, 2019 1:45pm - 2:45pm KST

1:45pm KST

Keys to Co-teaching: Unlocking the Code

Co-teaching can be incredibly powerful for student learning and also very frustrating for those involved, if key components are not prioritized. In this session, participants will analyze 3 components of the co-teaching cycle and explore how EAL teachers can effectively support students in content classrooms. Participants will walk away with practical strategies and goals to ensure all students succeed in a classroom that is fortunate enough to have two teachers!

Session Objectives:

Analyze 3 components of the co-teaching cycle (co-planning, co-teaching, and co-assessing).
Explore practical co-teaching and coaching strategies for working with EAL students.

avatar for Susan Guderyon

Susan Guderyon

High School EAL and Academic Support
Susan Guderyon is in her third year at SFS as a High School EAL and Academic Support teacher. She supports EALs in the classroom and in small group settings. Susan has a degree in French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Masters in Language Acquisition and ESL from the... Read More →
avatar for Lindsay Kuhl

Lindsay Kuhl

Middle School
Lindsay Kuhl is currently a 7th grade EAL co-teacher and Middle School Support Coordinator at Seoul Foreign School. This is her 18th year of teaching and her 13th year at SFS. She has taught in Wisconsin, Thailand, and Korea in a variety of different grade levels, including elementary... Read More →

Saturday November 16, 2019 1:45pm - 2:45pm KST

1:45pm KST

Learning language through play

Do you ever get that uneasy feeling when your students start staring out the window and are ready to zone out in class? Do you still remember how you learned a language as a child? Be prepared to leave this session with one or two play based strategies that you can implement in your classroom tomorrow to bolster students' language acquisition. This session is designed for elementary language teachers. Participants will discover the importance of play along with strategies and examples to facilitate our understanding of this context.

Session Objectives:

Share strategies on how to bring play-based learning into the foreign language classroom.
Engage with each other and design your own play-based learning activities.

avatar for Ava Zang

Ava Zang

Ava Zang is a Chinese teacher and student support at Korean International School. Prior to working with young children as a language teacher, she was a journalist in China for three years. The belief of the power of education drives her from News to Kids.As a second career teacher... Read More →

Saturday November 16, 2019 1:45pm - 2:45pm KST