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Mei-Lyn Freeman

Chadwick International School
PYP Coordinator
Incheon, Republic of Korea
Of Indian and Chinese descent, Mei-Lyn is a true Third Culture Adult with a passion for learning about diverse cultures. She was born in Canada, grew up in Toronto and holds a British passport. Her first teaching experience was in Madagascar while working in a leper colony as a microbiologist, Mei-Lyn opened a school to teach English to doctors. Medical outreach and education with Pfizer Canada launched her second career. While she was ready to"go out to the Congo to fight Ebola", her high school classmate, now husband, asked her to marry her, getting her to reflect that perhaps "life isn't just about me..." 
With that, she entered the world of international education and fell in love. Pedagogical teaching through inquiry ignited a passion for further learning and led to the completion of her Masters in International Education.

Making a difference in teaching and learning is how Mei-Lyn contributes to the world. Mei-Lyn cultivates wellness through family, mindfulness, nature, and exercise. She is currently the PYP Coordinator at Chadwick International School in Songdo, South Korea.

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